Woolwich 2018

Architect: Daniel Boddam Architects

Style: Victorian

Owners: Private

It has been a number of years since we have worked in a heritage listed suburb, so we had to call on all our past experience to get this project across the line.
For an elderly couple who had never renovated before it was a nervous proposition. However, together with their architect Daniel, who we have done previous work with, and our foreman Pat, we guided them through this process with a gentle hand. Weekly meetings kept them informed on all progress and walk throughs at weekly meetings kept them at engaged and at ease with the project at all times.
Detailed and meticulous paperwork were greatly appreciated by the owners who are both academics, so this made the process flow seamlessly.
Replacing two tired bathrooms and opening up these areas to function in a modern house has worked beautifully for them and their overseas visitors and colleagues who stay often.
Removing the old laundry and building a deck with free flow from the kitchen and dining spaces has changed the house to allow light to flood in and transform this once dark room.
It is satisfying to see how small changes to this heritage house have converted it into a modern light filled house; just the perfect outcome for the owners to live out their retirement years with modern simplicity and ease.