Newtown 2017

Architect: Daniel Boddam

Style: Victorian

Owners: Private

After working on a number of heritage terrace homes on the prestigious streets surrounding Hollis Park in Newtown, the Owners, who had kept a keen eye on our work, invited us to tender when it came time for them to renovate.
After they had inspected three of the renovated terrace houses we had completed in the adjacent street, we succeeded in winning the tender for this beautiful but dilapidated grand terrace.
Working for the first time with Daniel Boddam Architects and Stacey Kouros Design, the project moved along with ease as all parties were familiar with detailed restoration of heritage terraces.
Great respect was shown to as many of the existing materials and finishes as could be preserved and sublime taste was shown in joining new works to existing materials to give a seamless junction.
Restoration onsite of existing cornices, ceiling roses, tessellated tiles, wrought iron fretwork and balustrading and the French polishing of the original staircase required great precision and meticulous care.  Although this took time, blood, sweat and tears, the satisfaction and delight of all trades in their craft, made me, as the Builder, swell with pride when this work was completed.
Weekly meetings with the Owners, Architect and Designer, were always a joy, as all involved were so committed to, and immersed in, the project, so much so, that revealing the week’s work to all often proved a very emotionally moving process.
The new works, including to the garage with rooftop garden bed, the terrace house and terrace rooftop deck, were all built in both modern style and materials such as concrete, glass and timber. However beautiful all these singular elements are, they all contributed to enhance the original beauty of this terrace and make her shine.
The final outcome of this house shows us a house restored once again to the great beauty of its original day. While beautifully restored to its past glories, the addition of modern materials and amenities reveals this terrace house of yesteryear as a modern, elegant and practical home that works perfectly for enhancing 21st century living.