Bondi Beach 2012

Architect: David Fleeting Architects

Style: Modern

Owners: Private

This semi-detached house in Bondi had been beautifully renovated 15 years earlier by the previous owners.  However views of Bondi Beach were never fully achieved as an extra level was not added at the time.

With a new owner came a new desire to maximise the full views.  Adding an extra level and changing the interiors to the new owners taste completely transformed the house.

A top floor of master bedroom, bathroom, walk-in robe and media room maximised the space and views to die for.  Middle level was made into living dining and bottom floor was kids bedrooms and retreat for a young family.  This worked ideal as each had their own designated area meeting on mid-level for all family social events. 

One thing however, everybody loved going upstairs for a view of Bondi Beach, especially when the whales passed by.