Watson Bay 2013

Architect: ASA Architects

Style: Modern Minimalist

Owners: Private

Getting the opportunity to build a new house at an ocean front cliff face in Watsons Bay doesn’t come along very often.  
To work with old clients and familiar architect is always a pleasure.

Some unforseen sewerage problems at the beginning of the project delayed the start of the project, however, once back on site with our regular sub-contractors and trades, we were able to push the job along and get close to our original time target.  
Solving unforseen problems is the mark of an experienced builder.

Working closely with the owners, we detailed the house to their desired style and with a large project like this, owners find it hard to visualise from drawings, but once they can see the physical shape they can envisage their desired outcome. 
Flexibility is the key to a good working relationship.

The final outcome looks amazing with natural light and ventilation being the key elements of this beautiful home. 

We all love this house we have made for their family, especially the owner.