Ultimo 2008

Architect: Walknorth Architecture

Style: Modern renovation and conversion of a warehouse into commercial business premises, whilst retaining original features

To The Mil was initially contracted to demolish the interior of the warehouse only.  However, we developed such a great rapport with the architect and client that we ended up completing the entire project, all in just six months.

First, a 200 mm layer of concrete was laid over the original floor to strengthen the structure whilst allowing electrical ductwork to be hidden flush within the flooring.

Skylights were inserted along both edges of the roof to allow natural light into ground floor premises. These were clad in 300 mm fibro cement tubing coated with a reflective silver lining, in keeping with the industrial feel of the premises.

The existing, super light steel roof structure was strengthened by adding additional struts and ties. This enabled the owners to keep the original intricate web structure supporting the roof, which is a beautiful feature.  Then, a timber sub-frame was built onto the existing roof timber frame.  This allowed us to clad the ceiling in 63 mm hardwood slats to completely dress the roof structure.

Complicated jig systems were used to fit the slats and clad one bay at a time.  Precise and detailed carpentry work allowed us to achieve one straight line running through all the slats from one end of the warehouse ceiling to the other.

Exposed air conditioning ducts, glass louvers and the concrete floor together with fibro cement tubing and exposed brick walls, all effectively retain the feel of the old original warehouse. However, it is the fine detailing, intricate craftsmanship and slick finishes that give the warehouse its high tech aura.