Surry Hills 2008

Architect: Tim Allison and Associates

Style: Modern restoration of 1900's Victorian corner block with modern slick interiors

Converting a two-storey corner block in Surry Hills into a modern and functional business premises exposed many unforeseen challenges.  As we began to peel back the interior skin this exposed a web of structural and engineering problems. On a tight time line and working at great haste with a close team comprising the architect, engineer, client and builder, we solved all problems quickly and kept to our tight schedule. 

On the exterior we had to change the façade from a shop like window detail back to the grand old style of yesteryear. We matched curved windows, rendered arches and scrolls to return to the original feel of building, resulting in finishes that looks seamless. 

The brief for the interior was to achieve a modern, bright and functional 21st century office.  A central courtyard was opened up to allow light into the entire building, minimizing the need for artificial light and providing a stylish and pleasant working environment for employees.

All spaces, from the meeting room, offices and lobby to the kitchen and bathroom, were fitted out with the highest quality fittings and fixtures.  The detailed joinery had grain-matched veneer in American Ash with mitered joints providing a fine finish.  This project has given the owners, architects and ourselves an immense sense of pride, and the owners take great delight in showing their clients around such magnificent building.