Bondi 2014

Architect: Smyth & Smyth

Style: Modern/Beach

Owners: Private

On a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburb of Bondi, lay a small 1920's beach house. Collapsing around the Owners feet, the existing house was crying out for a re-build.

Natural light, air flow, insulation and a sense of retreat, were all in the Owner's brief.

Having a great rapport with the Architects and being recommended to the Owners by a past two-time client of ours, a calm sense of ease descended on this project from the sledgehammer's first blow, to last turn of the front door key.

This split level two storey build uses the topography of the site to reduce excavation costs and also to give a sense of exploration, as you wind yourself through the house.

Working with experienced and knowledgeable Architects makes every project easier for all parties and this project was close to all our hearts.

All the Clients expectations, as outlined in their brief, and more, were met on this project and we have all become great friends from the experience of working harmoniously together. This house has a great, joyous, uplifting feel to it.